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Muslims or Tamils mobilise for their civil rights, they would be at the risk of facing

Sri Lankan police harassment





Tamil political leaders, who are firm in calling for the de-militarisation of the Tamil and Muslim homeland, have been avoiding to voice against the crimes being committed by Colombo's police system as they don't want to be interpreted as ‘Tamil extremists’ opposing everything coming from Colombo. But, the role played by the SL police in the war against Tamils and Muslim has already been well exposed through the genocidal crimes committed by the notorious Special Task Force, a full-fledged military force administratively organised under the SL Police system. The SL police system operating in the North-East has long been the protecting agency of Sinhala colonists engaged in demographic genocide against the nation of Eezham Tamils. Under Sirisena’s rule, the SL police in North has deployed pistol squads roaming around and threatening the Tamils as demonstrated this week at Kokkuvil in Jaffna.

“The genocidal behaviour of Sinhalicised SL police in the past triggered armed reaction from Tamil and Muslim youth in the past. Either Colombo has not learnt any lesson from the history or it wants to create a similar scenario in Jaffna again,” commented a Tamil rights activist after witnessing a gunshot fired at a house at Pirampadi Lane in Kokkuvil in the early hours of Thursday. The family was threatened by a police squad on the previous day.


A nine-member police squad visited the house on Wednesday evening and questioned the parents about the whereabouts of one of their five sons. Four persons in the squad were in police uniform. The squad demanded to hand over photos of their son and threatened the parents to be prepared to receive his dead body after they hunt him down. One of the police officers told the father not to forget to come with the certificate to get the dead body. The police squad was telling the farther that his son was involved in criminal activities. The family went to Jaffna police and complained about the death threat issued by the squad.


Following their complaint, unknown persons who came in a motorbike had fired at their house to threaten the family further. The incident happened around 4:00 a.m. on Thursday.

Apart from the genocidal Sinhala military is keeping the entire nation of Tamils and Muslims under its military surveillance, Colombo's predominantly Sinhala police force stationed in North has also renewed its military-intelligence styled operations against Tamils in recent times.


In August this year, the SL Police in Jaffna was alleged of murdering a crucial witness, Krishnan Kanthasamy, who was earlier a brokering agent of the Sinhala military-run white-van squad. When the people caught him and handed over to the police on 01 August, the 51-year-old man was slain in the custody of the SL police after a team of SL military intelligence officers visited the police. The witness was allegedly poisoned to death.


In the meantime, a Sinhala Police Officer-in-Charge, Chintaka Bandara, who is currently the head of SL Police at Chavakachcheari, was responsible for the custody of a 26-year-old Tamil youth, Sumanan Sriskandarajah, who was later subjected to torture and murder in 2011, after two SL military intelligence officers took photos and video of an event during the Tamil Heroes Remembrance week in 2011. The case has recently come to light.


Apart from these, the people in the North are kept under constant threat. If anyone mobilise for their civil rights, they would be at the risk of facing police harassment.


The SL police system has long been a subservient force protecting the Sinhala military-run squads and paramilitary groups operated by the military intelligence as well as shielding the activities of Sinhala Buddhist monks and colonists in the occupied Tamil and Muslim homeland.


The notorious Special Task Force (STF), which has committed genocidal massacres and assassinations in the past, especially in the Eastern Province, has also been widely deployed in the North after 2009.


The STF is a full-fledged military outfit, which is administratively organised under the SL police.



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