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Commission to investigate colossal frauds , malpractices and corruption that raged at last Presidential election under Mahinda


The government has decided to appoint  a commission to probe into the corruption that raged during the last Presidential election held during the reign of ex president Mahinda. Based on a proposal made by Minister of public administration Karu Jayasuriya, this commission is to be appointed by the Parliament , and a senior retired State official is to be made the President of the commission.

It is the general consensus that , it is at the last presidential election conducted under the reign of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse who has by now become a byword for corruption , that worst corruption and  most  election malpractices , frauds , and irregularities took place on a  scale unprecedented in the history of elections in  Sri Lanka.

In addition, President Maithripala Sirisena recently revealed , a special presidential commission is to be appointed to investigate the colossal frauds and corruption which raged during the reign of Mahinda Rajapakse




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