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SL Police goes door-to-door collecting details 



Occupying Colombo’s police has started to collect details of persons residing in each house in the police division of Kaaththaan-kudi in Batticaloa district. Tamil residents in Chelvaa-nakar, which comes under the administrative division of Ma’n-munaip-pattu, complained that the police personnel were visiting each household since 27 July. The SL Police demands there must be a household leader for every house, and that person should put a signature in a document where details of every resident are registered. 

The SL Police is registering the details found in the ‘National Identity Card’ of every person in the household. 

The SL authorities collected such details through the Divisional Secretariat and Village Officers (GS) after the recent Easter Sunday bomb attacks. 

However, the SL Police says that they have to register the details on their own for policing purposes. 

Tamil-speaking Muslims are already subjected to such harassment everywhere. 

The latest registration harassment is reported in the Tamil villages which border the Muslim communities. However, such registration would also be expanded to other places, the SL police claims.

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