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Mahinda extorted Rs 30 million from Hameediyas owner at Temple trees after abducting him ! - Mahinda’s white van criminal exposes


 Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse who is by now a byword for corruption and traitorous activities , in and around 2006 before amassing wealth through the Chinese projects, has  abducted Tamil and Muslim frontline businessmen via the infamous white Van, and after bringing them to his temple trees recidence, directly extorted huge sums of money from them, based on reports reaching Lanka e news supported by   cogent and concrete evidence. 

One such victim  is a popular businessman who owns a chain of garment emporiums across the country. His name is  Mohomed Amin the owner of famous 'Hameediyas'. An individual who was involved directly in this abduction revealed to Lanka e news the victim was transported in the white van blindfolded, and at the Temple trees, Mahinda Rajapaksha himself directly collected the sum of Rs.30 million (the extortion money) from the victim.

Businessmen who refused to pay the extortion money demanded were falsely labeled as ‘Tigers’,  taken to the east cost, killed and after wrapping the dead body with stones and barbed wires drowned in the sea and made to disappear. Some of them who paid the extortion sum also were killed. Details of these victims had been collected from the Inland revenue department under  Mahinda’s finance ministry. These were  businessmen who have defaulted on tax payments.

A chief of the intelligence unit, Keerthi Gajanayake at that time was a member of  this murder, abduction and extortion ring. In the photograph herein is 'Abeyratne' an officer of the intelligence unit , who  also at that time played a major role in these abductions, extortion and murders.

Among the many businessmen who fell victims were the Wellawatte oil Mudalali, Colombo seeni (sugar) Mudalali etc. It is this same criminal group of Mahinda that was  responsible for the robbery  committed on 'Prasanna Exchange' , a money exchange center at Wellawatte. A number of other businessmen who were subjected to this same ordeal and traumatic experience are still frightened to come to the open and expose, because the Rajapakses are even now free and on the prowl like the highway robbers and murderers.
'Abeyratne' who is in the photograph herein has been operating directly under the orders of Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabaya Rajapakse. 'Fabian Roysten Christofer Toussaint' about whom Lanka e news  had already reported some time ago with photograph (wanted criminal)  is also  a member of the Abeyratne murder, abduction and extortion gang.

It is this same duo who committed the murder of a  member of the Red cross who was abducted near the Fort railway station on 3 rd June 2007 

Though 'Abeyratne' and 'Toussaint' were arrested by the Colombo crime investigation department, on orders from Gotabaya then they were exonerated of all charges and freed. 

While there are cogent and copious evidence against the cold blooded murderers and crimes committed by Mahinda Rajapakse  and Gotabaya Rajapakse to substantiate  these crimes , it is most reprehensible the incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena despite these exposures is getting ready to hold discussions with Mahinda Rajapakse which not only reflects most poorly on Maithripala, but constitutes  a most disgraceful move  that merits absolute condemnation.

It is well in his own interest if Maithripala understands and is mindful that the political parties , civil organizations and trade unions numbering as many as 49 in total went through most agonizing times even risking their lives to make him president on 8 th of January, not for frivolous reasons but to rescue the country from the devastation and havoc the Rajapkses were wreaking on it , and not to rescue his  SLFP party.

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