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Charges of Rajapakses and their racists of foreign conspiracy to divide country pulverized once and for all –EU bans LTTE again




The stinking mendacious mouths of the defeated despicable racists of the Medamulana Rajapakses and their  opportunists who claimed a foreign conspiracy was behind the people's force that is with the  government of good governance, were well and truly plastered when the European union announced categorically that the proscription on the LTTE organization is extended further supporting  the actions taken by the new government of good governance of Sri Lanka.

Earlier on during the Rajapakse era , the pro LTTE groups filed  a petition in the European court requesting an order to vacate the ban on the LTTE . Following an examination of the petition , the court based on technical grounds ordered the withdrawal of the ban to the European union while setting  a time limit. However , before the efflux ion of this period , the European union on March 26 th  had extended the proscription on the LTTE. 

When the pro LTTE groups filed action in the European court for the vacation of the ban on the LTTE , the Rajapakse regime at that time did not appoint lawyers to cite grounds on behalf of Sri Lanka (SL). The reason for this is , if the ban is lifted on the LTTE , the foreign assets of the LTTE that were frozen  will get released , in which case the Rajapakse regime which was avariciously eyeing those assets can be acquired by it through the ex leader LTTE leader KP who was and is even now  its lapdog ,pampered and put on a pedestal by the Rajapkase regime with ulterior motives. 

At that time the leader of the opposition then , Ranil Wickremesinghe requested the European  union not to lift the ban on the LTTE . Now, after the new government was installed in power , the  present prime minister and foreign minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and  Mangala Samarawera respectively, met with the European  union to explain the need to extend the ban on the LTTE further, without lifting it.  In response to this request having accepted the new government ‘s genuine approach and actions, the European  union without acting in compliance  with the court order took a decision on 26 th March against individuals stoking terrorism and terrorist organizations . Thereby , 23 terrorists organizations were proscribed by the European union on 26th March. Among  them is the LTTE organization which is named as the 1 5 th. (Read )

Accordingly the LTTE organization, its foreign assets and  bank accounts have been banned for a further period.

The people of the country will be able to understand now, the charges mounted by the Rajapakses and the racists who were screaming from roof tops ‘the government of good governance is again going to give over the country to the Tigers ‘ have been proved false and rejected wholesale . It is well if these self seeking racists and Rajapakse opportunists too will understand by now  , they may  fool some people all the time , all the people some time  but not all the people all the time.

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