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Rs 1500 million in hard cash discovered at Temple Trees..! -left behind when Rajapakses panicked and fled; Rs.13500 million of defense fund missing.!


As huge as Rs.1500 million in cash !! had been discovered by accident at Temple trees after Medamulana crook Mahinda Rajapakse (better known now as the modern ‘Alibaba’ ) who ruled the country brutally for 9 years fled Temple Trees on the 9 th morning ,when all his unlawful hasty and frantic attempts to be in power via military conspiracies and treason against the country (to be in power by hook or by crook –borrowing his own words) flopped. In the confusion and desperation when he ran away from Temple Trees on the 9th these monies have been left behind by him.

All these hard cash in valid local and foreign currency were found inside a room under lock and key. A Temple Trees source told Lanka e news ,if this colossal sum of money were left behind when fleeing away in panic , what amount of money would have been taken along by this Medamulana modern Alibaba? It is learnt that the Treasury had been informed of these monies .

At the same time it has come to light the amount of money taken out of the state defense funds and wasted by the Rajapakses at their whims and fancies is also as large as Rs. 135,00 million!! In the defense fund Taprobane branch account which had Rs. 210,00 million , presently there is only Rs. 7500 million . The balance Rs. 13500 million taken by Mahinda Rajapakse as the minister of finance and defense has at his will and pleasure spent them without any records or documents!

According to Ministry of finance informed sources , based on these monumental frauds and misappropriation of state funds in billions and billions of rupees committed by Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse , even if the most powerful of powerful omni -potentates intervene Mahinda Rajapakse going to jail cannot be averted.

In other words ,even if Mahinda relies on his most powerful den of countless Alibaba thieves he nursed and nurtured so carefully covering all their crookedness and corruption in order to suppress his own mischief , murders and crookedness during his 9 year despotic reign ,he cannot be rescued.

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