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Corrupt crooked SLFP ers rise to rebel against Maithri



Following the announcement made by president Maithripala Sirisena yesterday against Mahinda Rajapakse and exposing him ,the pro MaRa corrupt criminal groups turned hostile to the president and were seeking to create unrest by rising against Maithripala and opposing  his position as president of the SLFP. They were  therefore making hasty moves to summon a central committee meeting to chase away Maithripala , and make Mahinda Rajapakse the president of the SLFP again.

These ignorant crooks who know only corruption taught by their chieftain did not know however , a SLFP central committee meeting can be convened only by the SLFP president and no other. Hence , the Maithripala faction based on this  had obtained an injunction order from court against the holding of the central committee meeting by the SLFP this evening.

The Colombo chief district judge Harsha Setunge issued the restraining order barring the holding of the meeting of the central committee without the approval of Maithripala Sirisena the SLFP president until the 29 th of next month.

In this petition filed by Prasanna Solangarachchi the former chairman of the Kotikawatte – Mulleriyawa local body , he has cited SLFP general secretary Anura Priyadharshana Yapa as the respondent .In the petition it had been averred that without the permission of the president of the party the cntral committee meeting cannot be held.

A group of lawyers  includng Theeshya Weragoda and Lanka Dharmapeli made their submissions on behalf of the petitioner.

Meanwhile Susil Premajayantha and Anura Priyadharshana Yapa the notorious corrupt thieves of villaianous perfidious Alibaba their chieftain who at seventy  even while fast gravitating towards the grave is acting naughty and is greedy for power like a kindergarten class child is greedy for toys only to destroy them  , have held a meeting at the SLFP headquarters chaired by Mahinda Rajapakse with the particpation of Wimal Weerawansa , Dinesh Gunawardena , Dew and Vitharane who call themselves as party leaders (two penny half penny worth) when  everyone treats them as codgers who have lost their utility not only in their own parties but even on earth, and therefore have no place in the sun unless they cling on to the cursed shawl of Rajapakse.They have at the meeting appointed Mahinda as the election operations chief (in addition to being their chief (Alibaba) of the thieves )

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