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Pakistan –SL match spectator clash to create racial tension is exposed (involved Weerawansa-Muzammil-Anura Yapa)


It is the group sent by  Wimal Weerawansa -Muzammil -Anura Yapa Priyadharshana that has created the disgraceful scenes of violence and unrest yesterday night during the final one day cricket encounter between Sri Lanka  and the touring Pakistan team played at the  R. Premadasa stadium. This is a result of a conspiracy hatched by this troika to trigger racial tension and is not an outcome of clashes between spectator groups  , according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Sri Lankan  spectators  generally do not indulge in racial violence to disrupt a match unlike in other  countries , and it is the first time such  disgraceful conduct was witnessed during a cricket encounter.

The dejected and frustrated leaders of the people rejected UPFA are cock sure they will be  defeated at the forthcoming  election, and their future is very bleak unless they arouse racial tensions . Hence they are leaving no stone unturned to crush the minority sections that are supporting the government . Indeed the State intelligence service earlier on issued dire warnings about this plan and plot.

On the night (18) following the day of the UPFA inaugural rally at Anuradhapura , this treacherous  conspiracy was hatched in the house of Wimal Weerawansa. Latter’s party propagandist  Muzammil , his brother in law (Muzammil is married to a Sinhala woman from Wattegama ) and  Anura Priyadharshana Yapa were parties to this conspiracy. Bandula Gunawardena who was also to be present did not attend, yet a henchman of his participated.

At these discussions it was revealed that defeat is staring in their face at the upcoming elections , and therefore somehow racial unrest and conflicts must be made to flare up within the next two weeks. The SL -Pakistan cricket match was also targeted under this plot. It is usual when a Pakistan- SL match is being played ,for  Muslim youths to cheer the Pakistan team. Hence Weerawansa and Muzammil have undertaken this contract to  despatch a racist group of theirs to go to the venue like spectators and incite conflicts between Muslim and Sinhala spectators..The Muzammil –Weerawnasa duo had as undertaken have sent their trouble creators  to infiltrate into  the Sinhala and Muslim groups of spectators to create communal disturbances.

Yesterday night  unfortunate incident was the outcome of that conspiracy . As the State intelligence division was informed ahead of these plots , the officers of the division had also mingled with the crowds as spectators and been prepared , whereby they had been able to control the situation by nipping it in the bud, according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Four individuals who were directly involved were arrested yesterday.

Lanka e news in the best interests of all races  wishes to warn the Sinhala , Tamil and Muslim communities  not to fall into the traps of the pro Rajapakse ,pro racism ,and pro extremism politicos  who are a bane of the country.

In the photograph are the Pakistani players being escorted to the pavilion with STF security.






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