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hajudeen murder : Investigate doctor who gave false report


Based on the second mortem report furnished by the medical council on the death of Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen which confirms that it was a murder , the Colombo additional magistrate Nishantha Peiris declared that doubts have arisen pertaining to this death when the case was taken for trial today . Hence he ordered the plaintiffs to convey their decision expeditiously after analysing all the reports .

When considering how  many times Thajudeen’s body was subjected to electric treatment, the injuries inflicted via brutal assault , the fatal head injuries , and after studying the other reports , the possibility of  death due  to a vehicle accident earlier reported is ruled out ,  Nishantha Peiris revealed.

In any event as 11 opinions have been expressed , and two post mortem examinations were conducted, before the final verdict is delivered all these  have to be taken into account .Hence , in the future the action to be taken by the CID shall be according to the advice of the Attorney General (AG) . Whether based on the two reports of the post mortem examinations , the medical officers are to summoned to give evidence shall be decided on the advice of the AG and assistance of senior state counsels , Nishantha Peiris told the CID.

The magistrate also pinpointed , this case took this long to be taken up because the judicial medical officer’s report was not received on time, while adding that the time lag of two and half years taken by the Colombo chief judicial medical officer to furnish the report is also suspicion ridden .The court had need to issue notice on this medical officer on four occasions , and therefore the CID should probe into the conduct of this officer too , the magistrate asserted.
The statement made by Dr. Ananda Samarasekera and his senior officers that the body parts of Thajudeen have gone missing triggers grave suspicions. The magistrate therefore instructed the medical council to  conduct a  probe into this too.

The magistrate while commenting that  this inquiry conducted  by the medical council should serve as a model to the other medical practitioners in general ,  directed the CID to conduct investigations under the penal code. As doctors are government servants , the magistrate told the CID that an investigation shall be conducted again to establish the truth .
Meanwhile the lawyers for the victim requested court to order an investigation into the senior officers including senior DIG Anura Senanayake who gave wrong advice to the police officers to produce a misleading report that it was an accident .Accordingly , the magistrate directed the CID to record their statements and initiate investigations. 


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