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Details of Rajapakse’s another robbery of gold



 Illicit treasure mining was the pastime most enjoyed and took prime place among the pleasure seeking activities of the corrupt brutal Rajapkse family. Similarly this family had a rudely shocking avarice for the gold that  were collected from the LTTE organization. Moreover this family sold the weapons obtained from the LTTE to foreign terrorist groups in violation of all local and international laws. 

….And now , details of another robbery of gold by this  racketing family had come to light ….. 

An LTTE member ‘Dhiviya’ who was arrested at that time in Trincomalee made a shocking disclosure to the chief of the police intelligence unit who was in charge of Trincomalee during that period. According to that disclosure ,the LTTE had buried 540 kilos of gold in Pachinur , Mutur in the vicinity of the 64 th mile post. This had reached the ears of ‘Namal baby’ of the cruel, corrupt , crooked  Rajapakse family  through a two legged Rajapakse bum-licking dog of the police .

Namal baby notorious for prompt action where there is money even in muck had immediately boarded a helicopter gone to the spot chased all those in the area , dug out the gold , and made a bee line back to Colombo by helicopter. Nobody knows what happened to the gold thereafter .In the place where the gold was , a water tank has been installed now. In this quantity of robbed gold there could have been ear rings of the innocent Tamil girls and women.

Hence , if there are groups still trying to  install these nationally rejected ruthless crooks again in power , these groups must be  none other than the thieves who were nursed and nurtured by this Alibaba chieftain, and who have  got the taste of thieving national wealth under Alibaba’s training. These are the thieves who should by now be put behind bars , for which the 6.2 million voted on the 8 th of January and are earnestly hoping for ; and not for the government of good governance to  create a paradise  for these scoundrels and highway robbers who plundered the country  and pillaged the innocent masses.

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