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Traitorous secret agreement between Basil and LTTE Transnational Eelam govt. P.M. Rudrakumaran exposed with evidence..


What a kind of president is this? Minority lost life and properties they were killed looted, burned by Mahinda Rajapaksha

This is a time to defeat him don't give up


The secret e mail message sent by Sri Lanka’s Minister of economic development Basil Rajapakse to the Transnational Eelam government Prime Minister Rudrakumaran which is formed outside Sri Lanka ,that payments can be made at this election too just like at the Presidential elections 2005 , if the voters of the north can be made to boycott elections at least by 10 % , has been exposed ! Lanka e news inside information division has been able to lay hands on a true copy of this sly illicit e-mail message .

This e-mail was passed to the media by a group that has broken away from the LTTE Tamil diaspora. Following the defeat of the LTTE the Tamil Diaspora has got split up into about ten factions. Basil has written this mail to Rudrakumaran after the visit of Ramposa of South Africa to Sri Lanka (SL) who acted as the intermediary between the two parties .

Basil had mentioned in his letter that if 10 % votes of the Tamils can be obstructed successfully and boycott staged like how it was done in 2005 , the payments can be similarly made as before , and Rudrakumaran side can share that sum with father Emmanuel and Nedhiyawan .

Further, Basil has promised that this payment can be made in two parts either before or after the election. Ponniah of Udayan newspaper had joined in the propaganda activities regarding the election boycott , and he with KP are to do the needful towards that.

Basil had not only promised cash but also succumbed to other terms to please the LTTE . Among them is the re- settlement of the displaced people of Sampur; the reduction of high security zones after elections; and the implementation of the recommendations in the Maxwell Paranagama commission .

Going by the election boycott campaign that is being conducted in the north amidst military security by Anandi Sasitharan ,(wife of former LTTE leader Eleelan) a very strong ally of the LTTE , who is a provincial council member, jointly with Udayan newspaper , it is very evident that this mail message is true , and the monies have already been paid.

The Rajapakses have provided a brand new Prado intercooler vehicle with garage No. 002 /4 to Anandi since day before yesterday to engage in this campaign to canvass the election boycott.

A satellite phone too had been given to her , and Army Major Pathirane is in charge of her security detail . Since yesterday morning , 5 civil security police officers have also been added to her security detail by the government .

The e-mail clandestine traitorous message sent to the Prime minister of Transnational LTTE Eelam government , Rudrakumaran by no less a person than a high profile minister Basil Rajapakse who has betrayed and deluded the very people who elected him on the belief that he would serve them lawfully and honorably, is included herein.

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