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Gnanassara embraces cobra –party symbol 



The Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS) including Kasippu Gnanassara better known as the robed terrorists have launched a new political party ‘Bodhu Jana Sena,’ and chosen a most appropriate symbol ‘ Cobra’ for its party . In Sri Lanka serpents and cobras are not confined to the jungles after the advent of the BBS brutes . The sting of these  serpents are  more vicious and venomous than the serpents in the jungles.

These stupid idiots are  either so venomous or so foolish that they have chosen Cobra as their party symbol. Needless to mention the snake is a most virulent crawling serpent.

It is a universal truth that people are frightened of snakes, and they ought to be killed unmistakenly with a rod. In addition it must be burnt until it is charred in fear that it might revive. Certainly anybody who has even minimum  grey matter or human emotions will not therefore select cobra as their party symbol.

The Bebedhusena (drunkard) secretary of the Bodhu Bala sena the self proclaimed ‘Doctor’ had told Lanka deepa that they have chosen the snake as a symbol for the new party Bodhu jana peramuna , and they will field laymen only at elections , while the robed monks will serve as advisors . In other words they are striving hard as monks  to rid themselves of their pet name ‘junk’.

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