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Maithri takes in yet another cow stealer



President Maithripala Sirisena has taken in  yet another cattle stealer as a member of his  good governance pilgrimage that was commenced by 6.2 million people on 8 th January 2015. That cow stealer is the notorious pro MaRa scoundrel Chamuditha Samarawickrema . He has been appointed as the Director , electronic media of the presidential media division. In the photograph is the president himself handing over the appointment with his own hands.

The monumental blunder committed by the president via this appointment is brought to light by  the stark fact that this same Chamuditha  Samarawickrema when he was the media secretary in the health ministry under Miathripala Sirisena at that time , was charged with bribery involving a sum of Rs.  12 million ! It is therefore most shocking that such a culprit has been chosen by president Maithripala now to be his electronic media director.

While Chamuditha was working under Maithripala Sirisena , brutal corrupt Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse the president then , took him to the National Rupavahini . Thereafter Chamuditha performed only one official task – doing all the sordid biddings of Mahinda including washing his dirty loin cloth in private because, being a Mahinda lackey and lickspittle he could not wash  Mahinda’s dirty linen in public even if he wished to. He violated all the election laws openly , and  organized programs on behalf of corrupt , criminal and crooked Mahinda to bootlick him even if those actions meant slitting the throats of the genuine masses.

For all Chamuditha’s sordid and shameless activities , he was rewarded amply. He was given a luxuirous house at Cambridge court , Pilyandala and a latest Benz car. Besides he was provided with police and military security. Chamuditha abusing his position and police security  gave himself airs and graces among the people of Piliyandala while treating them disdainfully. He deified Gotabaya .

Just on one ‘karunka’ illicit deal done for Wayambe traders , he earned  many millions . The president Maithripala who became president then  on the votes of 6.2 million people who were antagonistic to Mahinda Rajapakse, now appointing a pro MaRa disgraceful stooge as his media director is tantamount to Maithripala giving a slap in the face of the faithful who voted for him.

Let it be understood by one and all that this good governance journey is a pilgrimage undertaken by devotees. Therefore , if the corrupt , rogues and criminals are going to be made to participate in this , certainly it cannot be a pilgrimage . There is absolutely no merit accrual . It will transform into  a pleasure trip with Maithripala  group consuming liquor while singing baila, ‘Suranganita malu genawa’ .  No matter how loud they sing , how  close they get together , and clap for  the baila, they cannot expect more than  just another baila singer to join in.  In the not too distant future , if the infamous King of Baila and Thoila Mahinda Rajapakse too joins in this unholy  tour which began as a pilgrimage , it will be unsurprising .

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