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Sri Lankan Racists Government (The Statements made by Justice Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse)



The several statements made by Justice minister Wijedasa Rajapakse when participating in the second reading of the budget have been roundly opposed by many higher ups of the government.



Specialy the reckless racism kindling statement made by Wijedasa that 22 members of 4 families have gone to Syria to be trained by the ISIS had come in for heavy flak.


When president Maithripala Sirisena inquired from the State intelligence service (SIS)  about who passed this information to Wijedasa,  the SIS   had replied categorically, nobody had given such information to Wijedasa, and this was information known to the erstwhile government as far back as three years ago. The State espionage service had explained to the president it is that outdated information which had been uttered by Wijedasa in parliament as though it happened now, and that antiquated ‘story’ had been passed to him by Gotabaya (the devil incarnate) who was the defense secretary at that time. 


About three years ago, it was reported that a Sri Lankan who joined the ISIS died while he was abroad. When an investigation was conducted into it then, it was revealed that a Sri Lankan Muslim working for an NGO in Afghanistan who got attracted to the ISIS organisation, had along with his family, and three other families who are his relatives,  young and old went to Syria.

The 22 members comprised infants and parents. The one who died was a youth among them who went to Syria. Hence, there are no reports


whatsoever that ISIS groups arrived in Sri Lanka to provide training to Sri Lankans and enrolled them, to bear out the rabble-rousing statement of Wijedasa the somersault sultan.  

Of course, many such incidents are reported in England and European countries, yet the ministers of justice of those countries have not made a big din about them or made rabble rousing speeches to create hatred and tension among the races, or sought to destabilise the country. It is a pity, only in Sri Lanka , there are renegades and rascals who are waiting to grab every opportunity to give a mischievous racial twist for personal gains and to achieve selfish political ambitions, with utter unconcern for the  country which can be plunged  into a holocaust owing to their cruel and  crafty  machinations driven by ulterior motives. Wijedasa despite being a responsible minister and a lawyer ( there are rhyme and reason to call a  lawyer like him a liar) making such irresponsible and rash announcements while distorting the truth and indulging in mischievous exaggerations is to create a most  explosive situation nationally as a whole and are statements  deliberately or otherwise militating against the tourism Industry specially.


The setting fire to the popular  Establishment ‘Fashion bug’ at Pepiliyana owned by a Muslim closely on the heels of the statement made by Wijedasa can be considered as a sequel to a Sinhala Buddhist extremist rally held in Kandy on the day following Wijedasa’s rabble-rousing speech. This inflammatory speech of Wijedasa despite being a minister under good governance had created misgivings and suspicions so much so that the Sinhala people have been made to look upon the Muslims with suspicion. In the days gone by too, it is the politicos who incited racial riots. When innocent people on both sides were dying in the streets, these double-crossing rascals and renegades happily stayed at home and watched the carnage on television with their families.


Another statement made by Wijedasa rejected by speaker


The other most odious and obnoxious statement made by this same Wijedasa was : no matter what the international community says, the Prevention of Terrorism Act will be re-implemented.The Speaker repudiated this statement in toto. 

Speaking to Lanka e news , the speaker said , the government is not expecting such a thing to happen. On the contrary , the terrorism prevention laws of world standards followed internationally are being studied  with a view to introducing new prevention of terrorism laws in keeping with international standards, the speaker pinpointed. Already the draft is under preparation , and the existing prevention of terrorism Act will not be re-enforced, he noted.

The speaker who spoke with Lanka-e-news to tender  his apologies in connection with the irresponsible statements made by Wijedasa  also repudiated the criticisms mounted by Justice minister Wijedasa against Lanka e news . The comments in the foregoing paragraph too were made by the speaker  while he was speaking via the  phone

The speaker most clearly and categorically expressed his unreserved appreciation in respect of  the indefatigable efforts and unwavering support Lanka-e-news extended to overthrow the Rajapakse regime , and install the current good governance government . He will never ever forget that he added.  It is hoped Lanka-e-news will continue to fearlessly champion the cause of truth by leveling justifiable criticism as it had always done while contributing to strengthening good governance , he exhorted. 



From : lankaenews



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