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Nimal Siripala cheats on his party and the masses : proposes changes to 19th amendment like a roly-poly buffoon


The opposition leader Nimal Siripala De Silva , the notorious renegade who has by now proved his double tongued and double faced  hypocritical traits are unmatchable by any other of his ilk and bulk ,  had sent a letter yesterday addressed to the prime minister , falsely stating therein  that the SLFP has taken a central committee decision  (which decision was in fact not taken)  in order to deceive  the SLFP party itself , and the masses  with a view to subvert and suppress the proposed 19 th amendment  following MaRa JaRa policies despite having full knowledge that those are the very policies that precipitated a national holocaust under the last regime.

When the SLFP central committee met day before yesterday (23) , all the main media of the country of yesterday had publisheded committee decission to support the 19 th amendment.

Nevertheless , the shameless by birth  Nimal  Siripala alias Nimal Sillypala  notorious for readily sacrificing even his soul at the altar of unscrupulous power and gains , and considered as a best human illustration of the inverse relationship between mental capacity and physical bulk, had by sending a letter to the P.M. indulged in a most deplorable , despicable and deceitful  action. In the letter purportedly sent by the party had indicated , the SLFP central committee agreed  to support the 19 th amendment only if the changes to it advanced by the UPFA are accepted . However , it has come to light such a decision was not taken at day before yesterday’s  SLFP central committee meeting. 

Of course , if the changes talked about by Nimal Siripala are conducive to enhance the Democracy in the country and abolition of the evil executive presidency powers  , certainly those are welcome being not  detrimental to the country and the people  , but the changes to the 19 th amendment Nimal Siripala is proposing are not  however salutary . They are as obnoxious as his idiocy and degeneracy.
One such change to the 19 th amendment proposed is under section 46 (3) the president should be empowered to remove the prime minister .In other words , what  Nimala Siripala is proposing is , the president must have the power to remove the  P.M. even if the latter  commands greater support within parliament . Nimal Siripala despite being a lawyer has only demonstrated his characteristic mental instability  stemming from the inverse relationship between  his brain power and brawn power, though a rare  syndrome internationally ,is  widely prevalent among our local  gluttonous parliamentarians who fatten even on  the despair of the masses.  He cannot be blamed for making such proposals , it the  syndrome afflicting him which is precluding him from thinking sanely and sensibly . It is unfortunate the SLFP has an  opposition leader , who can only think  destructively and not constructively. It is a well and widely known fact that in the present constitution the repugnant  executive powers are incorporate d , the present president Maithripala Sirisena too clearly stated this executive presidency must be vested in the parliament   , and  the people also voted for this government because of this promise. In such circumstances , if this incorrigible bulk cannot understand this , he deserves no better place than that in front of a cart  as  a bullock ,for which his physical stature too is ideally suited ,to lead the cart along with MuRa, shoulder to shoulder.

The second amendment to the 19 th ,Nimal Siripala , the incorrigible bulk proposed was no better. Under the new 19 th amendment , a constitutional council was proposed to  be created ,and  the judges  as well as Supreme court  (SC) judges are to be appointed via that council. The members of the independent commission are also to be appointed by that council. In other words , the present  inordinate power of the executive president  to make appointments according to his whims and fancy is got rid of  , and the  powers to make such appointments will  now be  vested in the council.

Such constitutional councils will be ten in number. Those councils will function under a representative each appointed by the president ,P.M., opposition leader , speaker and the minority parties plus 5 independent professionals of the intelligentsia appointed by the P.M. and the opposition leader , which  will make  up the ten members of the council.

However , Nimal Sillypala now  says , the representative of the minority parties plus those 5 representatives (independent intellectuals) appointed by the P.M. together with the opposition leader   must be  six  MPs. In other words  what Nimal Siripala is insisting on is , MPs who robbed gold chains ,MP like Lakshman Perera the illicit  ethanol dealer and  MP like Wimal Weerawansa  who could not even pass grade nine and involved in forged passport frauds  should be permitted to select the judges , SC judges etc. 

Nowhere in the world would is there an opposition leader  as asinine as our opposition leader Nimal Sillypala .Truly speaking ,if only Nimal  Sillypala has a tail , no buffalo thief  will spare him for he is in form and features a buffalo .

Much more serious than what are revealed above is: when the SLFP central committee has agreed day before yesterday(23) that the 19 th amendment shall be accepted , Nimal Sillypala without any qualms deliberately , brazenly and blatantly lied in his letter to the P.M. that the central committee had refused to support  it.

When the national council met yesterday(24) ,president Maithripala and minister Rajitha Senarathne categorically stated , at the SLFP central committee meeting held yesterday , no such decision conveyed by Nimal Sillypala  was taken .

Why is Nimal Sillypala acting this clownishly  and hypocritically , and at whose instigation ?

Did the Medamulana highway robbers out of the Rs. 650,000 million loot collected from robbing the country pay a part to Sillypala ? How can such perfidious   thoughts cross the mind of the present opposition leader when he is  aspiring to become a president or P.M. in the future ? When   such are his despicable and deplorable thoughts , the ordinary masses are harboring suspicions that the same motives which prompted Tissa Attanayake (to commit the political suicide ) are inspiring him to act this way .In that case how many millions  is on offer to Nimal Sillypala is the next question ?

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