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Tamils and muslims protest against continued military land grab 



The occupying Sinhala military of genocidal Sri Lanka has planned to grab further 3,087 acres of private and permit lands in the strategically situated Poonakari, which is situated to the northwest of Ki'linochchi at the entrance to Jaffna Peninsula, Jaffna Lagoon and its location facing the Palk Bay and the opposite coast. The landowners of 6 families and an Amman temple blocked SL Survey Department officials for the 4th time at Paraman-kiraay on Monday. Around 6,000 Tamil families, dependent on agriculture and fishing, live in the heavily garrisoned Poonakari division where more than 30,000 Sinhala soldiers are stationed. 


Colombo and its occupying Sinhala military are continuing to seize lands at Poonakari. 

The SL military has also brought Sinhalese businessmen from South to Kavuthaari-munai to build hotels while blocking the Eezham Tamils from entering the area. 

According to latest plans, the SL military is attempting to seize more than 3,700 acres of private and public lands from four administrative divisions in Ki'linochchi and 3,087 acres of lands are situated in Poonakari division. 

The fertile lands of Poonakari, which is known for the quality of rice and rich coconut and cashew plantations, are being snatched away from Eezham Tamils. 

Colombo has deployed former LTTE members as ‘Civil Security Division’ slave workers in the farms run by the SL military. The Tamil CSD ‘personnel’ are also forced to sing ‘Sri Lanka’ anthem in Sinhala. 

Apart from Sinhala militarisation, Rajapaksa brothers and Namal Rajapaksa and the son of former SL president were also engaged in seizing the lands of Poonakari for their family ventures. 

Most of the lands being seized now are permit lands, the civil sources in Poonakari division said. Eezham Tamil landowners have been engaged in farming for at least 4 generations in these lands. 

Apart from the lands in Poonakari division, 231 acres of lands in Karaichchi division, 201 acres in Ka'ndaava'lai division and 183 acres in Pachchillaip-pa'l'li division are to be taken over for military use in Ki'linochchi district in addition to thousands of acres of lands already seized by the SL military after 2009. 

Tamil politicians from Tamil National Alliance and Tamil National People's Front also extended their support to the protesting families on Monday. 


The Eezham Tamil legacy of Poo-nakari (meaning the town of flowers) and the region around it is of much antiquity going back to the times of proto-history and Tamil Brahmi inscriptions.

The strategic location of Poonakari have made all the European colonial powers –the Portuguese, Dutch and the English to maintain a station there. 

But unlike the Sinhala colonial military of today, the European colonial powers didn’t commit a demographic genocide, as they didn’t have the human resource for it.

Two brigades (means 20,000 soldiers) plus 11 divisions (11,000 soldiers) of the genocidal Sinhala military are now stationed in Poonakari and villages around it, such as Pa’l’lik-kudaa, Pallava-raayan-kaddu, Mud-kompan, Ponnaa-ve’li, Arasa-puram, Muzhangkaa-vil, Madduvil-naadu and 4th mile-post, according to the figures collected two years ago in 2013. 

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