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While Susil –Nimal the chiefs of ‘rogues for rogues’ blue brigade threaten the FCID , Bayagotha summoned for more questioning tomorrow


defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse alias Bayagotha who knows deep within his bones what amount of  criminal and murderous Ex activities he engaged in ,and whose monumental guilt is preying on his conscience and  mind , somehow  managed to secure an illegal court order recently  to ward off his arrest.    Nevertheless , since his criminal involvements are so egregious he had been summoned again to the special police  FCID( Financial crime investigation division ) again  tomorrow , Wednesday (20) morning for further grilling. 

Gotabaya alias Bayagotha has been summoned for interrogation in connection with his following criminal involvements :

During the period 2006 , when MIG 27 aircrafts were being purchased , a sum of over US dollars 10, 000 million was transferred to a fake company in UK which is non existent.

Involvement in a fraudulent transaction when the shares belonging to  Harry Jayawardena of  Lanka hospital were sold, and several other financial irregularities.

When Bayagotha was summoned by the FCID on the 11 th  , by advancing the excuse that  he has been summoned by the Bribery and corruption commission , he avoided the FCID.

Meanwhile ,Susil Premachandra and Nimal Siripala De Silva the shameless brutes by birth appearing for  the ‘rogues on behalf of rogues’ crooked  blue brigade addressing a media briefing said , no sooner they seize power than the FCID will be disbanded, thereby unwittingly exposing their monumental fear of the laws of the country which is an inborn  characteristic of all criminals , murderers and   traitors in sharp  contrast to the attitude of law abiding citizens who most welcome and best respect laws unlike crooks and criminals .
It is a universal  fact that the  ministers and MPs of the previous government became widely known not because they served the country honorably but rather because they ruined the country most dishonorably even fattening on the death and despair of the very people who elected them into power . These are the ministers and MPs who are now championing the cause of  the group ‘rogues on behalf of rogues’ and  resisting the arrest of another notorious crooked  criminal of the neelakasa (blue brigade of crooks) , the Diyawadane Nilame of Dalada Maligawa , Nilanga Dela ,against whom there are investigations in progress even now  in respect of five cases filed in courts . Susil and Nimal the chiefs of the  ’rogues on behalf of rogues’ crooked blue brigade  have objected to the filing of charges of financial frauds against the neelakasa criminal Nilanga Dela on the ground that those charges are in pursuance of a false agenda



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