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'Mahinda will use a bullet on me and become president’ -Maithri



‘If Mahinda Rajapakse the deposed president who is now in a most humiliated and  enraged state is made the prime minister , in order to become the president next , no constitutional amendment nor any laws will be  necessary for him , he will need only a bullet to shoot and kill me,’ said the incumbent president Maithripala  Sirisena while emphasizing that he is fully aware of that.

The president requested   the leaders of the UPFA party not to exert pressure on him to appoint cruel individuals as P.M. in a country where it is common knowledge what cannot be achieved via the constitution and legal processes are achieved by the bullet. The president made this unsavory announcement with  deep regret. 

If Mahinda Rajapakse becomes the P.M. ,by the time I go overseas and return , he would have murdered the people of Sri Lanka (SL) and when I return he would murder me too. I am not that foolish. I will not allow room for that. I am right now keeping my fist  tight. If I release what will happen to the Rajapakses can be seen. So , please do not work in a manner  to force me to release my grip,’ the president exhorted.

The president issued these warnings when he had a discussion with  the UPFA leaders recently. While all the other leaders were keeping silent , DEW Gunasekera said in support of Maithripala , ‘if the president has dissolved the parliament within a week of his appointment as president on January 8 th , all of you could have known what would have happened to you.’ 

The president then boldly and in no uncertain terms went on to announce , there is a sufficiently intelligent group within the SLFP to take independent and intelligent decisions pertaining to its internal affairs  without kowtowing to pressures applied by outside parties , and the intervention of Vasudeva, Dinesh , Wimal Weerawansa , Udaya  Gammanpila are unnecessary and unwarranted , while adding that it is best if these outsiders clearly understood this. Vasudeva who has lately become most disdainfully aggressive and disgracefully foul  mouthed - a common eccentric weakness among some aging individuals particularly discarded political renegades, shockingly remained crestfallen and dumbfounded.

At the next general elections, the nominations under the SLFP or UPFA will be according to the wishes of the party leaders . It is not possible to dupe the people through artificial media circuses as in the past in order to boost the image deceitfully. It is something he knows well and truly based on his experience , and it is important  the leaders of the UPFA also clearly and deeply understand this. He feels sorry for  the  slaves  who during the Rajapakse reign through that slavery and sordid subservience sought to achieve their self seeking opportunistic agendas unconscionably compromising national interests, the president explained at length  .

After this discussion concluded , the UNP deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake arrived to meet the president personally. When the discussion centered on what the president related to the party leaders, Ranjan inquired , ‘how is that you spoke with such certainty that Mahinda Rajapakse will murder you?’ The president’s answer was :during the by -election at Mulkirigala , Mahinda carrying a gun himself shot and killed .At that moment two individuals were dead , and I was some distance away.  Hence  I know how he murdered , and that is why I am saying this.’

Ranjan in a state of shock asked , how did he then escape ? The witnesses were threatened that they will also be killed . It is John Amaratunge of your party who saved him then. By giving contradictory evidence that the victim was killed by shooting from a top of a tree , the case was discharged, the president told Ranjan.

Mahinda after winning the case at that time  even contemplated joining the UNP. Even today John and Mahinda are good friends,’ president said disclosing an old secret. 

When Ranjan inquired whether or not to reveal this story to the media , the president has replied , ‘this story was related  by me to you to be conveyed to the media’.

Ranjan when relating this episode to Lanka e news said, the president pointed out , he cannot forget that the members of the SLFP who voted for Mahinda Rajapakse on 8 th January voted to bury him and his family six feet underground. Hence, the president advised Ranjan  to unrelentingly announce all the time that  he is a UNP president .



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