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Gotabaya’s STF Inspector arrested while selling LTTE firearms


How STF officers became millionaires by robbing Wele Sudha’s heroin

4 suspects including an STF police inspector  engaged continuously in committing crimes on contracts ,along with two 9 m.m. pistols , and 29 bullets were taken into custody on the 14 th night when they were  travelling in a car at Veediyagoda , Bandaragama by the police officers of unsolved crimes operation unit of Bandaragama police, according to police sources. 

The STF group that  earlier on arrested an individual who sold a pistol, had  through him made a phone call  to that seller saying they want to buy another firearm . Responding to  this phone call , a group with another pistol and bullets had been coming in a car  when the police officers who were laying in ambush had apprehended them,a   high rung police officer disclosed. 

The high ranking police officer said , the police inspector arrested  was attached to the police STF headquarters , and among the other suspects was a constable who had left the police service. The firearms that were in the possession of the suspects were illegal , and it is suspected they belonged to the LTTE, he further noted.

This arrested IP  by the name of T.M.U.B. Tennekoon  is the son of the younger brother of Tennekoon  the former secretary of ministry of law and order.

This IP  as a  punishment on disciplinary grounds  based on charges of illegal deals about three years ago , was sacked from the STF .Yet he was taken back later  to the ordinary police service.  How did that happen ?

With the aiding  and abetting of Tennekoon , the secretary of  the law and order ministry at that time ,  this IP his nephew was absorbed into the STF itself again, and this IP until the time of his arrest had been , working as the personal security officer of this secretary. 

Though a ministry secretary is not entitled to have a personal security officer , but because Tennekoon had exerted  pressures, to have this IP who has been working as  his security officer.

The most perplexing question is , even though Tennekoon is no longer in the law and order ministry , how come this crooked  IP was continuing in that post until the time of his arrest ? and  under whose influence and patronage?  Isn’t this an index  that the ghost of Gotabaya the devil incarnate is still powerful within the police force? 

While it is being suspected that the firearms belong to the LTTE , the name of an ASP of the STF is also being mentioned as the one who gave  support on the sly to these criminals. It is also learnt that it is on the instructions and permission of this ASP these criminals had been transacting these deals. From this incident the true color of the STF which the IGP is carrying aloft  on the center of his  head ,to eradicate underworld criminals , has become known.

STF that robbed the heroin of Wele Sudha
It is noteworthy that this is not the first time the mafia operators in  the STF were  exposed. Through the media though a  huge din was made and news were splashed across  the front  pages about   the STF  raid and the heroin that was taken into custody last year on a Poson Poya day , Wele Sudha the suspect in the Colombo chief magistrate court let the cat out of the bag – he revealed that he gave that heroin to the STF and there was no raid conducted , which disclosure shocked all and sundry.Moreover , Wele Sudha making a statement in the Colombo chief magistarte court disclosed  , a large quantity of  heroin belonging to Mohomed Siddeek was also robbed by the STF.

After  these exposures were made by Wele Sudha , the STF’s true colors became  known , and their  rackets stood exposed more than what would be exposed of theirs  if they were stripped nude in public. The IGP on the other hand who also belongs to that force despite these glaring exposures has not taken any action against those crooked and corrupt STF officers who were supposed to have conducted that special ‘raid’. All those criminal officers have been allowed to go scott free. 
What’s more ?  these officers are millionaires today  having bought vehicles and lands . It is imperative and important that an investigation be conducted into how these officers came by such enormous wealth .




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