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‘thieves on behalf of thieves’




Medamulana brutal corrupt Rajapakses who held sway during  their ‘nefarious decade’ between 2005 to 2015 , keeping the people cruelly trampled under their despotic boots are again  trying to seize power and hand over the reins to their Rajapakse descendents so that these scoundrels can selfishly fatten and flourish for generations of theirs to come . With this dastardly  end in view , they  have offered a ‘santhosam’ of Rs. 100 million to every  one of those stalwarts of the UNP who deserts the party to join them and participate in the May day rally on the 1 st of May . These crooked and corrupt ‘thieves on behalf of  thieves’  have made these plans for their joint opposition rally organized by the  coconut robbers.
Medamulana Rajapakse who  kicked out the SLFP party that was responsible to elect him as president twice ,has  by disregarding and disdaining the decisions of the party’s  Central working committee ruthlessly and recklessly split the party into two . Moreover , he had now taken the definite stance to hold a May day rally against the party. 

The Medamulana Rajapakse crooks and cheats   who during their  ‘nefarious decade ‘ pocketed  more than half of the loan amount of US dollars 60 billion received , that is Rupees 8400 billion in SL rupees (Rs. 8400,000,000,000.00 ! )  are now getting ready for another political subterfuge by throwing away those monies as bait to lure the UNP electoral organizers who could not enter parliament and are desperate.
A group of such desperate bankrupt UNP organizers have met in  the house of a  bigwig representing  the equally or more bankrupt Medamulana crooked Rajapakse’s ‘thieves on behalf of thieves’ clan secretly in the dead of night, and have had discussions. The discussion was to lure the UNP ers to get on the the stage  of Medamulana ‘thieves on behalf of thieves’. A payment of over Rs. 100 million was offered to every one  of those who would agree , and this discussion was primarily aimed at  deciding  on that.  But , because the FCID is now investigating the financial transactions , it was questioned how that can be done confidentially?

This secret discussion was held after Ranil Wickremesinghe invited the UNP electoral organizers and held discussions at the Sri Kotha.

Meanwhile, a pro Rajapakse media reported that Harindra Dunuwile ,UNP  Pathadumbara organizer had sent a letter to UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe intimating that he had resigned his post as organizer. However at the media briefing today of the UNP , the general secretary Kabeer Hashim revealed no such letter was received when answering a question posed by a journalist.


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