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Sinhala Monks aiming Muslim Villgers


Two Sinhala Buddhist monks who had come from Seruwila division in Trincomalee entered into an ancient mosque in Moothoor of Trincomalee division on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The intruding monks made a false claim that the small hilltop of Maththa’la-malai, which is surrounded with ponds and reservoirs north-west of Moothoor was an ancient Sinhala Buddhist site. The monks then high-handedly demanded the management of the mosque of Aqsa, the village-deity, not to construct any structures at the locality anymore. The SL Archaeology Department was going to seize the mosque on their instructions, the monks told the villagers. The occupying SL Navy had already seized the agricultural lands. The move comes after US Pacific Command has started to groom a marine force for the SL Navy. SLNS Vidura situated in Moothoor is the training base of the Sinhala ‘marines’. 

The occupying Colombo regime has now sent monks with the intention of Sinhala-Buddhicistion of the ancient Muslim village, Choodaik-
kudaa villagers told Srilankan Muslim UK on Saturday.

The people from partly resettled Moothoor have 
categorially refuted the claims of the Sinhala monks and said that the entire area was known to have places of worship for deities of Muslim for centuries.

Even the Rajapaksa regime didn’t attempt to transform the temples in Moothoor into Sinhala Buddhist temples during the occupation after 2006. 

But, all of a sudden, the Colombo Establishment is now trying to Sinhalicise the area, especially after it has started with joint naval exercises with the US military. 

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