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Sinhala Racists Government Grab Lands for Colonization in Vavuniyaa



400 acres of lands belonging to the people of Veerapuram village, located in Cheddik-ku'lam Divisional Secretariat division of Vavuniyaa district, are being seized by Sinhala home guards. The land grab is aimed at creating a Sinhala colony, Tamil and Muslim villagers complain.


Tamil and Muslim villagers from Veeerapuram were uprooted during the times of the war due to repeated harassment from the occupying military having camps in the nearby villages that had been occupied by the Sinhala colonists. While some of the villagers displaced to Vanni, others chose to flee to Tamil Nadu through Mannaar. 


Tamil and Muslim villagers were chased out of their village in 1990 when Sinhala home guards paramilitary seized 50 acres of lands for its camp. 
Tamil and Muslim peoples have been demanding the SL authorities to free the lands of Veerapuram to commence resettlement. But, the Sinhala home guards, are now expanding their camp. They are also clearing the remaining lands to bring in Sinhala colonists from nearby villages, Tamil and Muslim civil sources in Vavuniyaa say. 
Most of the paramilitary men belonging to the armed home guard are also from the nearby villages. 


The Government Agent in Vavuniya has been systematically ignoring the requests and appeals from the uprooted people, say Tamil and Muslim activists in Vavuniyaa. 
In the meantime, UN Refugee Agency has been actively engaged in bringing Tamil and Muslim refugees in Tamil Nadu back to their native places in Vavuniyaa and Mannaar.
But, the SL State has changed the demography in the areas that have been under the control of the occupying military for a long time during the times of war. The Sinhala paramilitary known as home guards has been waging demographic genocide for decades in Vavuniyaa.

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