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The corruption of Sri Lankan Army and Air Force (Sri Lankan President Maithri is quiet)


One of the most corrupt leaders in the south Asia is none other than Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa. Today 6.2 million people of Sri Lanka who elected Maithripala Sirisena is governing the ministry of defense to bring the Good Governance which was used by the Medamulana Rajapaksa sometimes back. President Maithripala Sirisena despite prosecuting the corruption happened in the defense ministry has started to appoint the corrupt army officers to foreign posts. Further Maithripala Sirisena’s relatives are struggling to promote a corrupt air force officer as the new Air Force Commander. Although Lanka e News revealed his corruption with facts and figures still there is no investigation started up to now. Although President Maithripala Sirisena has a peaceful sleep Lanka e News which is accountable for the people would never sleep amid these unprecedented corruptions.

Rock solid evidence being continuously pouring into Lanka e news amply explains why Air Vice Marshal Gagan Bulathsinghala deserves a slot in the jail, and not the position of the Commander of the Air Force. The latest revelation of the Air Vice Marshal Bulathsinghala is his “deceptive plan” to shift No 4 VVIP Helicopter Squadron from Katunayake to Ratmalana, and consequent shifting of No 2 Heavy Air Transport Squadron from Ratmalana to Katunayake merely to provide SLAF facilities for the operation of one single helicopter belonging to Cosmos Aviation owned by Mahinda Rajapaksha’s pimp, Sajin Vass Gunawardena. Reliable sources say that shifting of these two flying squadrons without any valid operational or functional reason not only busted up millions and millions of public money, but also created serious flying operational and environmental implications. 
Gagan Bulathsinghala master mined this “brilliant idea’ of shifting the SLAF flying squadrons, when, Sajin Vaas’ needed SLAF support to sustain his single helicopter positioned at Ratmalana aerodrome. As there was no reason to justify the shifting of No 4 Helicopter Squadron to Ratmalana, Bulathsinghala shamelessly brought out a stupid fact that, a VIP/ VVIP helicopter takes 15 minutes from Katunayake to Colombo, whereas it is only 8 minutes from Ratmalana. However he could not fox the learned pilots of the Air Force, who clearly knew, as per the VIP/ VVIP Flying Standard Operating Procedures, a helicopter has to anyway test fly for 15 minutes prior to the flight proper. Hence, this shifting had absolutely no advantage to save on flying time. Air Vice Marshal Bulathsinghala, in order to achieve his objectives on Sajin’s behalrf, appointed an ill-experienced set of officers as a Board to provide a feasibility report on this shifting. The No 4 Helicopter Squadron was in existence for 46 years at Katunayake. And, its shifting to Ratmalana of course was a matter of serious strategic concern. In fact, there were very senior and experienced officers who would have been appointed for this Board, but Bulathsinghala  got what he wanted in the feasibility report through a set of “escape goats”, and fulfilled the aspirations of Sajin Vaas. The attached letter signed by Bulathsinghala is clear evidence in this regard. 
With the shifting of these two squadrons, SLAF had to construct two additional aircraft hangers at Katunayeke and Ratmalana. The Kayunayake hanger was given on contract to Laugfs Engineering of pro-Mahinda Rajapaksha businessman, Wagapitiya at a cost of Rs. 763.75 million. . (At present Wegapitiya’s son is engaged to Gagan Bulathsinhala’s daughter and the person who is trying his best to make Gagan as the Air Force Commander is this Wegapitiya)

The other hanger at Ratmalana and associated infrastructure of these two new locations had cost the SLAF several more hundreds of millions. A copy of the official order form of the hanger contracted to Laugfs Engineering stand testimony to this utter wastage of tax payers’ money. Apart from the financial wastage, the shifting of No 2 Heavy Transport Squadron has created a lot of administrative difficulties and increased operational cost of flying, while, Army being the main user of heavy lift aircraft had to move their logistic infrastructure from Ratmalana to Katunayake at a huge cost and encumbrances. In the meantime, shifting of No 4 Helicopter Squadron to Ratmalana has created an issue of noise pollution in the area, and the residents of Mt Lavinia had made complaints to the Director General Aviation to this effect. Correspondence regarding this issue is attached to substantiate this fact.  
Air Vice Marshal Gagan Bulathsinghala’s plan to shift these two flying squadrons in 2011 has to be viewed very seriously. There were valid and solid reasons for No 4 VIP/ VVIP Helicopter Squadron to have remained at Katunayake for 46 long years until Gagan Bulathsinghala-Sajin Vaas combination came out with this brilliant “deception”. It is more appropriate to consider this as a crime against national interest. They moved this VVIP Helicopter Squadron out of a very secure base, and placed it at Ratmalana, at a stone-throw distance from Atthidiya road posing serious security vulnerability. For what reason?  To make available SLAF pilots and maintenance facilities at Ratmalana for Sajin Vaas to sustain his Cosmos Aviation helicopter!

6.2 Million People who voted in favour of President Maithripala Sirisena and the 5.8 million who voted against him is looking what steps the defense minister as President Maithripala Sirisena is going to take regarding this.

All relevant letters and copies regarding this corruption are attached with this 








































The resists  Sri Lankan government supporting to Buddhist forcers. No justice to minorities. This is a reality in Sri Lanka    




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