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Namal's extortion head, Kappam Champika exposed..! Rs.20 million extorted



Readers will recall  , some time ago  , it was inquired how Namal Rajapakse the son of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse who was just an M.P. receiving  an M.P.’s  salary was able to buy a Helocop Co . valued at Rs.120 million , and how could he buy CNN and Gowers corporate services ?  These queries were raised by MPs like Nalin Bandara during that time.

Now Lanka e news inside information division is in receipt of information supported with evidence as to how apart from the illicit commission collections , Namal amassed this amount of wealth : it is by extortion operations (kappam ) .The head of Namal’s extortion group was Champika Karunaratne alias ‘Kappam Champika’ , it is  now  confirmed.

The extortion ring of Namal operated thus…

Champika Karunaratne alias Kappam Champika was residing in Hemel Hampstead, Hertfordshire, in the north of England during the period 2003 -2005 (pre Rajapakse reign). He was arrested  on a credit card fraud in England. Thereafter on his return to Sri Lanka (SL) he befriended  Sashindra Rajapakse and became an associate  in latter’s business activities , while being his secretary. 

Champika who is  accustomed to cheating and robbing allegedly defrauded Sashindra Rajapakse , when Sashindra  even went to the extent of trying to kill Champika  by running Sashindra’s defender vehicle over him.

Later , Champika who was not in a position to  disentangle himself from Sashindra , was subsequently introduced to Namal and Yoshitha in Colombo by Hambantota mayor  Eraj Fernando (toy pistol). During that period , Shiranthi Rajapakse who was having a grudge against  Sashindra took Champika into her fold , and made him her private secretary. Birds of a feather flock together is a universal adage. In SL however birds of a feather rob together. 

During the years 2006 to 2008, while Champika was working for Shiranthi , he unhesitatingly put through the illicit contract deals of Namal and Yoshitha .But when he realized the tasks  to be performed for Namal were excessive, he left Siranthee , and became a full time member of Namal ‘s ring. 

Namal used Champika to collect payments due to him from defaulters in Namal’s  clandestine transactions . By and by Champika was given an automatic firearm, and provided with STF security . Gradually , with the  STF security also to back them , these  secret deals of Namal transformed into mega deals which finally descended to the level of direct and open extortion operations. Champika who started extorting with Rajapakse patronage by intimidating victims showing the firearm earned the  nickname ‘Kappam Champika’ (extortion Champika) implying what alarming proportions these criminal operations reached.  The situation escalated to extorting country’s wealthy individuals directly and with impunity.

Of course , the Lion’s share of the kappam collections went  to Namal, and the balance was pocketed by Champika. This way , Namal through kappam Champika had collected Rs. 20 million from beleaguered Deshamanya Lalith Kotalawala too  , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

What is significant to note is, Champika Karunaratne who had only Rs. 1500.00 in his bank account when he returned from England , by 8 th January 2015 , had acquired assets including homes and hotels worth over Rs.300 million! This is apart from the 5 latest BMW vehicles he owned. Each vehicle in SL rupees fetches a price of Rs. 30 million. Mind you , Kappam Champika had paid in full and in hard cash at once ,and bought these vehicles. 

If Namal Rajapakse ‘s (golaya) extortion subordinate Kappam Champika can be in pssession of so much wealth , one can imagine how much his boss ,the Gura (Namal)  would have amassed. In any event , with the operations division of gvernment of good governance gettiing wind of this information , it is probing into these  activities. Namal  the Gura having learnt of his Golaya’s probe is obviously jittery and panicky.

Namal in order to gather secret information on what action the president is going to take , has enlisted a double dealing double tongued ‘Web Gode father’  who identifies himself as of Portuguese ancestry to get close to the president . This Gode father has become a millionaire after 8 th January 2015, because part of the kappam collections were being given by Namal to line Gode father’s pockets.

No matter what , Lanka e news takes this opportunity to boldly urge those who paid extortion monies to Namal’s Kappam Champika in fear, to come forward undeterred and undaunted to pass us the information . We guarantee full confidentiality in this regard. It is only on what amount of information the public reveals ,the gravity of the punishment meted out  to these criminals will depend.


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