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Loku Seeya murder via white van of Rajapakses-



Exactly 4 years ago today ,Loku Seeya alias M.S.M. Niyaz , the Ragama Devale rituals performer  was killed brutally after abducting him at Shell gas high security zone , Wattala. He was killed most ruthlessly after being tortured by subjecting him to electric treatment 7 times , and strangling him .Sadly even after four years have elapsed, nobody has been  arrested even though there is copious and cogent evidence.

Of the thousands who were abducted in the white  Van and killed by the  Rajapakse regime, it was only in the murder of Loku Seeya the body was discovered . Along with his body were found a rope,net and some portion of artillery weapon  belonging to the Navy.

An ex minister Mervyn Silva furnished copious evidence to the CID in connection with this ghastly murder. Despite this , the investigation into the murder of Loku Seeya seems to be stranded at one point. M.N.M.Hijaz alias Chooti Seeya ,the son of Loku Seeya , had sent letters separately to the Presidential commission inquiring into special crimes, and minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse explaining that the murderers of this brutal murder continuing to be scot free is a threat to their lives. 

In the sorrowful letter adressed to the minister of justice , it is elaborated thus :

On 27 th October 2011 at about 6.15 p.m. an armed group in a white van arrived at   Gunasekera Mawatha , Mahabage police division , and  went to Kerawalapitiya Shell Gas high security zone . Later , my father’s tied body was found on the shore off the sea of Badhur town , Akkaraipatu.

 Based on CID investigations , the rope used to tie the body ,net etc.belong to the Navy.Three injection vials that cause unconsciousness  used by the security divisions , and available only in a few hospitals , and a portion of the artillery weapon were found along with the body of my father .

Mrevyn Silva in his statement to the CID had complained that this is a murder committed by the Navy , army and police special task force jointly on the instructions and advice of the then defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse. 

Might I inform that ex minister Felix Perera , present Jaela local body chairman Lalith Nishantha Abeywickrema and the Sugatharama Vihara chief incumbent Ven Thuruwila Viladhamma Thera were behind this murder and was committed based on a conspiracy with their knowledge.

At  the time when my father’s body was discovered ,Felix Perera and Lalith Nishantha were touring the district where the body was found. That is a ground  for  suspicion.The post mortem examination revealed that my father was subjected to electric shock treatment 7 times before he was killed and he was strangled.Can such brutal torture be inflicted by anybody other than  the security divisions? This is a most brutal murder committed using  state resources and state officers .

My father did yeoman service  to the residents of Ragama and the people of Sri Lanka while being engaged in  performing main rituals at Ragama maha Devale.Following his death, the public suffered loss  beyond measure. My father had served  even foreign Kings , and he earned fame for the country.  

The publicised voice tape in respect of this conspiracy , CD and  documents had been forwarded to the responsible Institutions , and the response received are in our possession. At the necessary moment those can be submitted along with the originals.

What is intriguing is , even after four long years have elapsed since this ghastly murder was committed, and the lady magistrate  ordered that the investigations be expedited , and also made several requests to arrest the suspects , it appears no suspect will  be arrested based on the available evidence and statements recorded. While urging to expedite the investigation , since the murderers are still free , our lives are at stake .We therefore  humbly beg  that state security be made available  to us .

Yours faithfully,

M.N.M. Hijaas alias Chooti Seeya ,
son of Loku Seeya , assistant ‘Devagathi’ at Ragama Maha Devale who was murdered  

Copies :
His Excellency the President 
Hon. Prime Minister 
Hon. Minister of Prisons reform , law and order
Secretary to Hon. Minister of defense 
President of the Human rights Commission.

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