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Buddhu saranai’ board transports stolen 




It is a matter for deep regret that president Maithripala Sirisena who claims and proclaims to the world that he is  a president in favor  of good governance , is in fact with the rogues and rascals , and standing stripped nude shamelessly.

On the 15 th , Lanka e news published a report under the sub heading  ‘To rescue corrupt brother , UNPers who worked with commitment being  chased out’. Now , exactly as reported , so it has happened.

Krishantha Cooray and Thusitha Haloluwa, the  two honest individuals who worked hard with tremendous commitment to oust the Rajapakse regime since 2011 tail end ,  and Farook Feroz who most loyally dedicated himself on behalf of the UNP have now been expelled from the SLT Mobitel board of Directors , and a most corrupt notorious  scoundrel Wegapitiya has been  appointed.

Believe it or not , the same  unscrupulous  Wegapitiya who was expelled from the Mobitel Director board some months ago has been re appointed.

Haloluwa on the other hand was one who devoted all his time and efforts towards  defeating the Rajapakse regime. Because of threats to his life , he even had to  be out of the country on two occasions. Lanka e news has evidence in support of this . Krishantha Cooray was a UNP media Director . He was an individual who was best known for his rectitude having even sacrificed his UNP national list M.P. post .

Ordinarily , a Director is removed from his post  only if he is corrupt , a rogue, inefficient or he has caused loss to the Institution , whereas the three individuals mentioned above were dismissed because they opposed the  stealthy  corrupt activities of Maithri’s younger brother , and were antagonistic to them. It is this same group of clean individuals who opposed Ranjith Roobasinghe and Wegapitiya , the corrupt and crooked rascals  under the Rajapakse era .

The most rudely shocking and reprehensible part is the appointment of Wegapitiya  again to the SLT board of Directors.    

May we remind , Wegapitiya was the one who jointly with the Rajapakses committed frauds in the share market .A case in point  is : Wegapitiya , the owner of Laugfs gas , arranged and sold its worthless shares of Rs. 16.00 each at a higher price of Rs. 45.00 to  Central Bank itself, and  pocketed the large sum of money collected thereby. Owing to this manipulated  fraud ,a steep price drop resulted -the price falling to Rs. 15.00 per share.Through this organized fraud , Wegapitiya and Rajapakses  got together and swindled the bank and the country.

Wegapitiya was also ousted from Mobitel Co. on another fraud .  The Malaysian Co . which is a share holder of Mobitel was made to consent  to this fraud. Wegapitiya while he was the Director of the Mobitel he threatened the financial controller of the Malaysian Co. to accept the tender bid of a company belonging to Wegapitiya in order  to secure the tender  for the supply of generators  . Wegapitiya while being a Director of the Mobitel Co. securing a tender order of Mobitel  to  his own private  Co. for the supply of generators is an absolute fraud . 

It is a crucial question tehrefore , why Maithripala has need tp appoint  Wegapitiya the notorious fraudster again to the Telecom Co. against whom there  are cases  even now at the FCID pertaining to the share market , and other frauds?

Is it because Maithri and his younger brother are unable to be without Wegapitiya  ? Why have they turned  so shameless and unscrupulous as to perform acts  even worse than stripping  nude in public ……?

Hereunder is one reason for that ….

Every vehicle that travels along   the roads in Sri Lanka must obtaiin a smoke certificate .In other countries this has to be obtained once in two years , but in SL it has to be obtained annually. There is a fee of Rs. 1200.00 levied on  motorcycles. In SL there are only 2 Companies that issue the smoke certificates. Of them , one company belongs to Wegapitiya. There are about 4.5 million vehicles in SL. If the least charge of Rs. 1200.00 per vehicle  is applied  ,the total amount is Rs.5400 million. During the Rajapakse era the 5 % commission of this  went to line the pockets of the ‘babies’ of Rajapakse. However now this commission has shot up to 10 % ( to keep abreast of the rising prices of commodities?), which in rupees works out to Rs. 540 million . This illicit commission  is now coolly collected by the two ‘Baby Siras’

So , this being the fact sheet , it is apparent , no matter how egregiously corrupt Wegapitiya is , Sirisenas cannot be without Wegapitiya ,his massive frauds notwithstanding . Birds of a feather can  only flock together , but only  rogues together  who can rob and also  rock and roll together. 

Though Harin Fernando is the  minister he is stranded . Being not of the same ilk as the Sirisenas , he cannot join in with the rogues to rob together or rock and roll together . Moreover , Harin ‘s place is taken over by Maithripala’s younger brother Kumarasinghe Sirisena despite the fact the latter is only the chairman of Mobitel.

While saying the government must be rescued  Harin has been made  a puppet . But , surely the people who committed themselves and made sacrifices on behalf of good governance have no need to become puppets nor should they allow that to happen. The people must by now know, in the future in  the lorries of Maithripala’s good governance journey  , stolen cattle will only be transported, though the board displayed on the lorry is ‘Buddhu saranai ‘ 

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